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_______ sighed in content as she looked into hers boys' rooms, amazed to see their darling little faces fast asleep. She kissed each of their heads and walked into the kitchen to prepare lunch for her large family before they were sent off to preschool, daycare, or kindergarten (depending on their age) so she could do her second job of the day. 

You see, money was scarce these days since _______'s husband, the father of her five baby boys, and passed away in a car crash six mobths before. ________ had to work two jobs just to keep the family of five, plus a dog.

She got out peanut butter, bread, and jam to make snadwiches for her babies, when-

"MOOOOOOOOOTHER!" She looked up the staircase to see her oldest son standing at the top, sprinting down and tackle-hugging her. She jumped

"Matthias, inside voice! Your brothers are sleeping!" _______ whispered, removing the six-year-old from her.

"Too late, Mor." You heard the grumpy voice of one of your youngest, Lukas. Lukas had just turned two a week ago, and already had a large vocabulary. "The idiot woke me up and I'm still sleepy!" He rubbed one of his eyes and yawned cutely.

You couldn't help yourself. You scooped him up and he squeaked, only making you huggle him more. "Oh, I'm sorry, my little one." He rested his small head on your shoulder, breathing in the smell of his mother.

Matthias pouted. "Why is HE your favorite?" He asked, feeling upset that she wasnt showing him the same amount of love at the moment. _______ looked at him, surprised.

"What made you think that I favored one of my babies over another?" She asked, kneeling down to look her son in the eye. The small child looked at his older brother and stuck his tongue out.

"Because whenever he needs you, you come running over! But whenever I need you, you put the baby to sleep first, or you finish cooking or something!" He teared up.

_______ was surprised, to say the least. Matthias never cried. The only time you'd seen him cry was when he broke his arm while running on ice. "Oh, sweetie..." She breathed. "The only reason I had to go to him quickly is because he's just a baby! You, on the other hand, are my big boy." She smiled at him. "I try to treat you like my big boy as much as I can. If you want me to treat you like a little boy, I--" he cut you off.

"No way! I AM the oldest, after all. I want to be a big boy!" He smiled proudly at his mother. She hugged him. 

"There we go." She smiled at him, rubbing his back in small circles as she gave him kisses on his forehead an cheeks.

During their talk, Lukas had fallen asleep in ______'s arms. "I'm going to put him down for a bit, then you have Kindergarten!" She looked at her 'big boy' and smiled. "Need anything before I go?" She asked. He shook his head.

"No mama. Take care if the baby." He kissed Lukas's head. "Goodnight, Lukey."
Hello! I'm going to be writing a few more of Little!Nordics x Mama!Reader. If you were curious:
Matthias: Age 6
Berwald: Age 5 (and a half!)
Tino: Age 3
Lukas: Age 2
Emil: Seven Months

I do not own Hetalia, the characters, or you!
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