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September 28, 2013
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3rd POV:

______ sighed, looking out the window of the orphanage she was currently residing in. She absolutely hated it there, much like the other kids. Though, they didn't get ignored like she did. Why, you may ask? Well, that's easy.

______ is deaf.

Most people thought different of her the second they find out she's deaf. ______ didn't really understand why. She was just like the other kids. She played like them. She liked to tell jokes. She learnt at the same speed. She could run, dance, communicate, everything! Just... not hearing.

Her heart shattered every time she saw the other kids laugh at her. Was she really THAT different?

Of course not.

_______ has always thought that, because she can't hear, no one would ever want to adopt her.

Well, up until now.

A woman who interpreted for her stood in front of her. 'There's someone here who wants to adopt a child. The Head Mistress wants you to go meet them.'

_______ tilted her head to the side, curiosity sprinkled in her playful, (e/c) orbs. 'Okay. Thank you." she signaled with two (three, depending on where you are) easy gestures, fixing her hair over her hearing aid as she ran out of the room with the other kids, hoping that, whoever they were, they wouldn't notice them behind her ears.

The few children who were brought out were lead to a room, where they were sat as the staff talked outside.

Five minutes passed, then ten, then fifteen.... And finally, someone walked in.


Hey there!
So, yeah, I'm going to be working on this... The chapters will be out soon!

There will be (the groups):
Nordics: badwolfinthetardis.deviantart.…
Allies: Coming soon!
Axis: badwolfinthetardis.deviantart.…
BTT:Coming soon!
Baltics: Coming really soon!

There will also be (pairings) (PLEASE don't get upset if there's a pairing you don't like or your OTP isn't on the list. Just ask nicely and I may do it):
DenNor: Coming soon!
NorIce: Coming soon!
Itacest: Coming soon!
GetIta: Coming soon!
SpaMano: Coming soon!
HongIce: badwolfinthetardis.deviantart.…

America: Coming soon!
Italy: Coming soon!
Romano: Coming soon!
Switzerland: Coming soon!
Iceland: Coming soon!
Canada: Up next!
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