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'A rolling girl is always far away
In her dream world she longs to stay
So much noise buzzing round inside her head
All the worries never end, all the worries never end...'

_______ gazed up at the pale blue sky. The crisp, cool air burnt her lungs as she took each jagged breath of the clean autumn air. She looked behind her at the group of girls standing in a small circle. Her brows furrowed when she was them laughing, their flawless, radiant skin glowing in the dim sunlight. Not a scratch nor scar showed on their perfect bodies as the chatted about all of the students who didn't have such glowing skin or silky hair. 

Once again, the (h/c) haired girl let out a sigh, returning to her thoughts. She fiddled with the ends of the charcoal-black dress shirt she was forced to wear for school. The teenager pulled her legs to her chest to warm themas she waited for her mother, being sure to not let the bumps and bruises which covered her body show. She closed her eyes, holding back tears who always threatened to show when she was alone, which was quite often, as she didn't talk to anyone.

A short, hour-glass shaped girl snuck up behind ______, her friends snickering behind her. _______ sniffled as she rested her head on one of her knees, keeping shimmering, (e/c) orbs clamped shut. The girl, who went by the name of Siena, shoved _______ onto the pavement. She shrieked, arms automatically reaching up to shield her face. Siena burst out laughing as old wounds opened on ______'s wrists, causing them to bleed, soaking her itchy uniform sweater. Siena grabbed ______ by the hair, pulling her up off the ground. 

"Hey, b*tch!" She sneered, making ______ wince. Tears pooled in _____'s still sparkling eyes. "Awwww, is the wussy little baby gonna cry? Hold on, let me get change your diaper, you disgusting little thing. I mean, really. No offense, but you look like you just crawled out of the dump!" She spat, laughing that squeaky little laugh of hers. She unclench ed her fist, making ______ fall to the ground with a loud 'thump'.

______ started to stand, only to be kicked onto her backside by the girl standing above her. "Oh no you don't, you dumb b*tch!" Her foot connected with _____'s face, forcing blood to spill from the girl's nose. Snickering, Siena stomped the other female's head into the ground, punching her in the stomach with her other hand repeatedly. "F*ck you! Everyone f*cking hates you! Why the hell don't you just hang yourself like your brother did!?" She screamed, straddling _______ and punching her head on either side. Tears mixed with blood which flowed down her head. At the thought of her brother hanging from the ceiling, limbs dangling limply from his torso, she began to sob silently, her body shaking with each choked out sob.

"Don't cry, you dumbas*!" The girls who were with Siena had alright disappeared, not wanting to see this. No longer hearing her friends encouraging laughs, she looked up, seeing a teacher walk to her car. "Sh*t..." She whispered harshly, getting off ______ and running away. The girl sighed, getting up and sitting back on the bench, wiping the blood from her face and arms, still crying. She'd loved her older brother, Toris, dearly. Everyday, she missed him more. She knew he was depressed. She knew he cut. She thought it was her fault he committed suicide, as she didn't stop him. She couldn't. He'd died while she was still at school. Upon returning, she always ran to her brothers room to play with him. 

That day was different. She came home to an awful sight. The person she loved most hung from the ceiling by his neck. Soft, long brown locks covered his once vibrant blue eyes. Needless to say, ______ was devastated.

She sighed, evening her breaths as she saw her mother pull up. Slumping into the back seat so the woman wouldn't see her abused condition, ______ grunted a 'hello' to the woman.

"Dobroho dnya, _______! How was school?" She asked kindly, driving off towards their home.

"Boring..." She replied simply, getting lost in her thoughts as they rode in silence.

'"No problem" is so easily said
but now, is there any meaning left?
She fails once more, fails once more
After searching for the odd one out in the crowd,
she starts spinning again...'

As soon as the car entered the driveway, _______ jumped out, sprinting inside the small house as she flung her backpack onto the couch.

"Tere, ______." Her father greeted, looking up from his computer. He frowned, seeing his daughter stomp through the living room. "Is there a problem, ______? He asked, shifting his weight onto one leg.

"Nope! No problem!" She replied, walking out the back door and slamming the door, not bothering to change her torn and bloodied school uniform. Sprinting far away from her home, she finally made it to a steep hill, it's plush, grassy side covered in acorns and rocks from the thick forest set behind it.

She took a deep breath as she climbed to the top, resting on her head as she pushed off the ground, tumblinging head over heels down the hill, unaware of a pair of violet eyes watching her every move.

Rocks and acorns sprung up from under her as her body fell like a doll down the hill. ______ flew up after hitting a large rock, dried blood sticking to its sides. She landed in a heap, a loud 'CRACK' rang from her body as she groaned, trying to pick herself up, only to fail miserably, face planting into the muddy ground.

"A-are you okay?"

'One more time, one more time!
"I think I will keep rolling on today too"
And so she says, so she says...
Making sure that each of her words is sincere!'

Vibrant (e/c) eyes widened as _______ hesitantly lifted her head. The teenage girl gazed into brilliant violet hues. A boy about her age stood above her, soft blonde locks falling to frame his small, pale face. He wore the uniform of a male from her school, though she'd never noticed him. She nodded. "I... I'm fine. Thanks." Managing to lift herself up, _______ stood on wobbly legs.

"Y-you shouldn't do that.... You got really h-hurt!" The boy gestured to her arms and legs, which were scraped up, crimson tendrils dribbling down, creating a small puddle around her on the ground. "I-I think you l-landed on your hand.... I don't think y-you should do that again..." His soft voice sounded like music to ______. 

_______ nodded. " more time. I want to roll one more time. Then I'll stop..." She spun on her heel, limping up the hill and positioning herself once more. The boy sighed, staying glued to his spot in the field by the hill. Giving herself a gentle push, ________ started rolling again. 'I think I'll keep on rolling today...' She thought, planning on going down this emotional roller coaster more than just 'one more time'.

"Are you okay? No, I'm in a daze.
Trying to escape but I just don't see the point...
Maybe I should just stop breathing!"

The boy sighed, kneeling by _______ who'd passed out, due to hitting her head repeatedly on large rocks. He took out a bandage and begun wrapping her wounds, staring from the top of her head and finishing around her ankles.

He lay next to her in the grassy field, soft winds whispering gently as the nature rustled around the two. He let out a sigh of relief when  the female next to him opened her (e/c) orbs a crack.

"A-are you okay?" He asked, his small voice just above a whisper.

It took _______ a minute to process what was going on before she responded. Shaking her head slightly, ______ whispered, "No, not really.... I'm in a daze... Like everything is just one big blur. The days blend together and I can't even tell right from wrong anymore." Her eyes closed gently as she sighed. "Maybe they're right.... Maybe I should just.... Stop breathing."

This took the male by surprise. He furrowed his brow, giving her a hug. "They're wrong. Whoever said that to y-you was just trying to m-make themselves feel b-better about their life. Th-they're just jealous of y-you..." He whispered, kissing her cheek.

________ cracked an eye open to get another glance of the teen. Though, when she peeked, there was no one. The boy had vanished, along with all of the pain. _______ stood, dustying off her soft pink skirt and walking from the grassy field, which had turned all turned to black. 
Hello! This is probably my best one-shot yet.... I've been practicing. :3

If you're wondering why I censored the curses, it's because I didn't want to put a 'mature contents' warning on it. Because I felt like it :D

I don't own Hetalia, the characters , or you!

Sorry if your name is Siena... That's the name of a girl at my school who isn't very nice to I chose that one. IM SORRY!! :)
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